Advertising & Sponsorship

Banner Advertisements

We have created oportunities for businesses to advertise using the space available on the left side of each page just under the navigation menu.

The sidebar is 200px wide which will limit any ad to this width, each ad block is 200px high - ad blocks can be linked vertically to create vertical "skyscraper" banner ads up to 600px high. See examples below:-

Pricing infographic

The cost of each 200 x 200 block is £50 per year for the "Home" page and £30 per year for any of the other pages on our web site(s) where you would like your ad(s) to appear. All sidebar ads would appear ABOVE the Google ads and the number of advertisers will be limited such that there are no more than 3 ad blocks on any given page.

Your ad will be linked to your own web site page(s) of choice.

Your advert can be in any of the following formats:

JPG , GIF, Animated GIF, PNG, Flash/Shockwave, or javascript

We can also help with the creation of your Advert. Please Contact us for more information

All monies from the sale of advertising space goes directly to funding Wells Carnival events.